Instructor Pablo Camargo

Pablo Camargo

Pablo Camargo

Instructor, Program Manager
  • Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness
  • 267 South Whitford Road Exton, PA 19341
  • 610-363-7575

Pablo Camargo has been a part of the Dragon Gym family since 2011 where he began training under Lonnie Beck in Muay Thai Kick boxing. After a few years of training he realized he wanted to make a career out of Martial arts. He has since been training under Somnath Sikdar and has earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and continues to work towards bigger goals.

Pablo is the program manager at DG which really means he is here to help all of our students especially as they get started to find, then achieve their goals, all while making them feel like part of the family. His goal is to make sure all new students feel as welcomed and at home as he once did when he first walked in.

Martial Arts in Exton PA Pablo Camargo

10 Questions with Instructor Pablo:

1.      When did you first become interested in Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Kettlebell training?

I first found my interest in Martial Arts training during the spring of my senior year of high school. I was really set on playing lacrosse, and eager for the season to begin. Unfortunately after realizing the cost of all the gear I figured it was not worth it to play one season and never play again. After doing some thinking I realized the true reason I wanted to play was I wanted to hit some people! Not out of anger, I had just always been involved in different kinds of sports, soccer, swimming, track, therefore I had this desire to express myself differently with some collision sports! Anyways I got to thinking if only there was a way of harnessing that into something positive... Without even realizing the major impact this decision would eventually have on my life, I thought why not Martial Arts! So I did some research on the best local schools and one thing led to another...


2.      Why did you decide to enroll at the Dragon Gym.

There were three parts to making my decision about training at the Dragon Gym. First of all was the convenience aspect I did not even realize know how close it was to everything! Second reason was the facility and the people. The facility caught my attention not only because of it's size, but it just had this vibe about it, you could feel the history behind the place. The people were beyond friendly and the tight knit sense of community was evident. Lastly given the above, and my desire to learn something new and be passionate about it. I knew that great things would come here at the Dragon Gym.


3.      How did you get involved with teaching/becoming an instructor?

After about a year or two of consecutive training without my knowledge everyone had their eyes on me. The instructors and staff had been following my progress and approached me to see if I had any interest in a potential job here.


4.      You’re also a certified Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Kettlebell Instructor.  How did you train for that achievement?

Everything follows a very progressive pattern here, both in training and teaching. After being involved in teaching for a while I was presented with the opportunity to take my KIWK cert. Kettle Bells have reshaped my view on fitness and purposeful exercise. It was hard work, but I was happy to go through and pass the KIWK cert because It gave me the tools necessary to properly teach Kettle Bells as opposed to just training with them.


5.      Tell me a little bit more about your training regimen, including cross training

My training regimen here at the dragon gym was very simple at first.

I got involved with the Muay Thai program initially and since day one I had been experimenting with weight lifting. The more time I spent here, and as I progressed in Muay Thai I began to show interest in the other arts and have been adapting them into my program. I currently train in Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and have little experience with FMA (Filipino Martial arts) Kali Silat. I like to dedicate at the very minimum three days a week to training in all or some of these arts depending on what I feel I need most work on at the time, upcoming tests etc. Asides from that I have my own fitness program I follow of at least 3-5 days a week of weight lifting/Kettle Bell training. Last but not least I like to find the time for at least one Yoga class a week to give my body a "break" .


6.      What would your advice be for someone considering Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Kettlebell training

My advice would simply be if your thinking about it, then do it! We waste too much time thinking things over just try it and see it it works for you!


7.      What about someone with ambitions of becoming a Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Kettlebell instructor?

As far as becoming an instructor my advice would be not to lose focus on your own training. Fill yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to become a person who people enjoy learning from, and will gravitate towards for advice.


8.      What kind of benefits have you received from your Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Kettlebell training at Dragon Gym?

The list is endless and continues to be written, there is the beauty of Martial Arts and fitness training the benefits never end. I'll list a few specific ones. 1.strength, speed, agility, power, balance etc all of the physical benefits you could imagine I have gained or improved upon since my time here. 2nd the mental benefits I have less anxiety, stress, and am overall a more peaceful person than when I began training. On top of that confidence, discipline, accountability, patience etc... all of these qualities continue to be exercised throughout my training.


9.      What’s your next goal?

I am continually making new goals for myself some more specific than others, training goals, personal goals, professional goals. If I had to say my major goal is to keep progressing and never lose sight of why I keep moving forward, achieve "master" status in the arts I follow and continue to expand my knowledge beyond the gym to develop new concepts and approaches to training.


10.  What Fears and Reservations did you have about starting here?

My fears of starting here were little to none although there is always an intimidation factor starting something new, which is expected. As far as a real fear after my knee operation obviously that was a concern, but everyone I train with has been very helpful in watching out for my injuries.

Pablo with his Grandmother in Costa Rica

Pablo with his puppy