Kettlebell Classes in Exton, PA

Are you tired of boring gym workouts?

Are you looking for a workout that's fun, challenging and easy to stick with?

Something that will deliver results: Fat loss, lean muscle, moving and feeling better than ever?

We offer a uniquely progressive curriculum-based kettlebell training regimen that offers structure, accountability and a great workout to help ensure that you make progress and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Dragon Gym offers several kettlebell training classes per week, all taught by certified Russian kettlebell instructors.

We teach people who have never touched a kettlebell before, seasoned kettlebell veterans, and everyone in between.

The great thing about the kettlebell is that it is an extremely versatile and scalable fitness tool that can help everyone from beginners to advanced students get strong, lose weight, move better, and look their best!

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People gravitate towards kettlebell training for one of two reasons, then tend to stick with it, since when done right they find it to be incredibly time efficient.

The first reason most of our kettlebell students start with us is frustration: frustration with being unable to make progress, lose weight, get stronger, look better, and ultimately feel better with conventional workouts. And boredom is the natural partner of frustration.

Let’s face it, if you’re bored with your workouts, you’re not going to stick with them. And, you need to stay consistent to reach your goals. When boredom makes your training a chore—and then a burden—then your training is about to fail.

Kettlebells are great because they’re easy to learn—much easier than Olympic lifting or gymnastic strength training—and you can get a great workout pretty quickly. Our classes combine strength training and cardiovascular training into something called metabolic conditioning.

The result? You get strong lean muscle, lose weight, and keep burning fat for hours after your workout. But the best thing about metabolic conditioning workouts with kettlebells is that they’re a ton of fun; no more monotonous hours on the treadmill or boring “three sets of ten” in the weight room.

The second reason people come to us is for performance. The same aspects that make kettlebell condition great for fat loss also make it great for improving your performance. Kettlebell training makes you stronger, faster, and more explosive.

Unlike regular weightlifting or bodybuilding, the movements actually improve your mobility and flexibility too! We find that most of our martial arts students also end up training with kettlebells too.

Finally, folks stick with kettlebell training because the workouts are quick. In just 20 to 40 minutes you can get a great workout that is fun, will burn fat, and will accelerate you towards your health and fitness goals.

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Quick Start Kettlebell Classes Exton, PA

What’s Great About Russian Kettlebells

Here’s why some of our students say they LOVE kettlebells:

  • They burn a ton of calories.
  • Super-time efficient.
  • Versatile.
  • Improved flexibility and mobility.
  • Increased strength.
  • Better endurance.
  • Fun.
  • Motivating environment and training partners.
  • Hits all body parts in one workout.
  • Simple.
  • They look cool.
  • Better coordination and stability.

All this with one tool. Pretty cool, right?

All of our kettlebell students start the same way, with our Quick Start Program. It’s great for beginners with no prior kettlebell experience.

The quick start course includes both private and group instruction so that new students can try out the program in a suitable environment.

One of the great things about this program is that it gives us a chance to evaluate your progress and abilities while giving you the opportunity to try out classes, see the facility, meet the instructors, and learn more about the benefits of training with Russian kettlebells

Just fill out the online form on this page contact us today about getting started and schedule that first lesson. Every journey starts with a single step…TAKE THAT STEP!

Quick Start Kettlebell Classes Exton, PA

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