Dear Potential Martial Arts Student:
Thanks for your interest in our Martial Arts Program, read on!
All students start the same way, with the Dragon Gym Intro program known as the Quick-Start Course.
The quick start course includes 3 classes in our beginner's martial arts program so that new students can try out the program in a suitable environment.  
This program gives us a chance to assess your abilities, level of fitness, and goals for progress.
Plus, you get the opportunity to test-drive classes, see the facility, and meet the instructors.
You'll learn about how our Martial Arts program helps with self-defense, fitness, and health.
This course includes 3 lessons in our Martial Arts Program plus the Uniform.   This course is $97, but for a limited time you can save 50% with coupon code TBH88
So,  if you're interested in starting martial arts or would like to learn more about us and the programs we offer click below to enroll in the Quick-Start Martial Arts Course.
Here's the Class Schedule for the Adult Taekwondo and Hapkido Classes:
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at Noon
  • Monday Through Thursday at 6:30 PM
  • Saturdays at 9 AM
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:15 PM
  • Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:15 PM


If you can attend at least 2 classes per week, the Quick-Start Program will be a good fit for you. 
Plus, if after your first three classes, you decide martial arts isn't for you, we'll give you a full refund.  No strings attached.  You can even keep the uniform.  You see, there's no downside to getting started.  But, there's massive potential for upside!
We look forward to working with you on your Martial Arts journey! 
Team DG
Somnath Sikdar
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Master, 7th Dan Black Belt