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Choosing martial arts classes and an instructor can be a daunting task; it isn’t just about style, location, class times, and cost. There’s a lot more to consider when thinking about which martial arts studio and fitness center is going to be the best fit for you and your family.

And, not every martial arts school or program is a good match. Some emphasize things that might be unimportant to you or even contradictory to your goals. Others may or may not have instructors qualified and skilled at providing for your needs and goals.

We’re here to help, and if you need, we’re here for you to chat about the choice.  Give us a call or CLICK HERE to set up a free, no-obligation Consultation and Intro Lesson.

Browse our website and take a look at our martial arts and fitness program offerings. We have a lot of programs, designed specifically for the needs of different students in mind—from the three-year-old to the MMA enthusiast to the busy professional who wants to get in shape and learn self-defense. But we’re not for everyone, and we turn away potential students who aren’t a good match.

We’re interested in being sure that we meet and exceed your needs and expectations for yourself and your children. Before joining any program, including ours, make sure that you get a chance to see if it’s a perfect match. Ask about the trial and program and find out if it’s right for you.

You can fill out the form on this page to set up a free, no-obligation orientation lesson as well as get more information on our trial program, web specials, class schedules and pricing.

You Can Try a Class for Free!

At the Dragon Gym we start all new students with a free, no-obligation orientation lesson. This is a one-on-one session with one of our great instructors. This lesson will give you or your child a chance to see our facility, meet our instructors, and answer any questions that you may have about starting a program. It also gives us a chance to meet and assess you and recommend a program that will be the best fit. In this way, you can feel 100% comfortable when starting a martial arts or fitness program at the Dragon Gym

About the Dragon Gym

The Dragon Gym is a martial arts and fitness community founded in Exton, Pennsylvania, during the early seventies by Grandmaster Chae T. Goh. The schools are currently run by Somnath Sikdar, Lawrence (Lonnie) Beck, and Chris Taylor—a dynamic team that has trained together since childhood and remains dedicated to serving the local community by teaching the benefits of martial arts, physical fitness, and healthy living in this modern era.

We offer a wide range of martial arts classes for kids and adults, including classes in Tae Kwon Do, Korean Karate, Hapkido, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Russian Kettlebells, Power Yoga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and personal training. Click the links on this page to learn more about the training and see how our programs can increase fitness, enhance confidence, reduce stress, and help with weight loss. Our programs improve overall life skills, health and fitness for students of all ages. Sign up right now for a free, no-obligation orientation session.

Age Specific Martial Arts Classes for Children

    This program is for our Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children.  While learning martial arts in a fun, game based class we’ll be helping them with following step-by-step instructions, sharing and listening to teachers.  Often, this is the one of the first times these children are in a structured learning environment
    This program is for children that have started elementary school.  They are accustomed to more structured learning.  Additionally, they have more advanced motor control and can perform more complex movements.  The classes teach them more advanced techniques, to work with partners and in groups and to start self-correcting before a teacher tells them to.
    This program is for children have been in school for a few years now.  The martial arts classes will teach them more about self-defense, bully prevention and athleticism.  These students thrive on structure, clear goals and healthy competition.  They are starting to take on leadership roles, correcting both themselves and providing a positive role model for others
    These students are really starting to develop some independence and exceptional ability in martial arts..   Self-defense and athleticism is still a focus, but leadership, self-discipline and confidence is emphasized.  The next step for these students is to earn their junior black belt.

We also offer birthday parties and summer camps for kids!  Click HERE to set up a free, no obligation orientation.

Adult Martial Arts Classes and Fitness Programs

Give us a call or complete the form on this page to schedule a free, no-obligation orientation lesson at one of our convenient locations in Exton, Malvern or Berwyn, Pa providing easy access to residents of Downingtown, West Chester, Paoli, Devon and Wayne, Pa. 

You can learn a lot about us on our website, but it is no substitute for a personal conversation. Give us a call at the number on your screen or click the button below so that we can talk about your goals and answer your questions about our facility, staff, philosophy, and programs. 👇


The Dragon Gym is a Martial Arts and Fitness Organization founded in Exton, PA during the early seventies by Grandmaster Chae T. Goh. The school is currently run by Somnath Sikdar, Lawrence (Lonnie) Beck and Chris Taylor, a dynamic team that has trained together since childhood and remain dedicated to serving the local community by teaching the benefits of martial arts, physical fitness and healthy living in this modern era.

Image of Lonnie


Lonnie Beck

5th Dan Black Belt
Muay Thai Coach

Image of Chris

Head Instructor

Chris Taylor

3rd Dan Black Belt
BJJ Coach (Purple belt)

Image of Somnath


Somnath Sikdar

6th Dan Black Belt

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started? / How Do I Get My Child Started?

All of our students start the same way, with a free, no obligation trial lesson and then our Quick Start Program. It’s great for beginners with no prior experience. The quick start course includes both private and group instruction, so that new students can try out the program in a suitable environment. One of the great things about this program is that it gives us a chance to evaluate your progress and abilities while giving you the opportunity to observe classes, see the facility, meet the instructors, and learn about the benefits of martial arts and kettlebells. Fill out the form on this page to contact us today about getting started and schedule that first lesson. Every journey starts with a single step…TAKE THAT STEP!

What Should I Bring/Wear To Class?

The number one DG accessory: water! Except for the classes that require a uniform, we suggest comfortable athletic attire. Shoes are not permitted on the gray mats but may be worn on the black mat. Should you have questions about specific questions about your particular class, just ask any instructor—or fellow student!

What’s The Most Important Thing I Can Do To Prepare My Child For The First Martial Arts Class?

Start with positive expectations. If you express to your child that you believe they can do something, they will probably think so too. Keep in mind that your positive expectations need to be age-appropriate and attainable, which is where we’ll come in to help. Our instructors understand the importance of the steps involved in learning, and will encourage and instruct a child while reinforcing the benefits to learning. Our instructors are trained to meet the needs of each individual, as well as how to reinforce proper development and behavior with little or no disciplinary action. We've established a positive atmosphere that makes learning and growing fun.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Make It To One Of My Trial Classes?

If you can’t make it to one of your designated trial classes, just let us know! All you have to do is give us a call at (610) 363-7575, and we’ll schedule in a new class for you.

Do I Need Any Prior Martial Arts Experience?

Nope! Our Adult Martial Arts program is completely progressive. We teach you everything need to know in order to safely and effectively train in martial arts. We take great pride in being a “technique first” system. This means our program is based first on safety and helping you develop perfect technique. Many people who take our classes have never done martial arts before, but quickly fall in love with it.

Why Choose Dragon Gym

  • Diverse Martial Arts Education. Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness uniquely offers expert instruction in various martial arts. Our programs do not consist of one instructor teaching a small variety of many different things. Rather, each martial art is its own program. Every martial art and class that we offer—Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—is taught by a master or under the auspices of an expert in that field. Of course, once you have a good foundation in one martial art, you will have the opportunity and be encouraged to cross-train. Additionally, our Russian Kettlebell and Power Yoga classes are all taught by certified expert level instructors.
  • Highly Experienced Instructors. The head instructors of every martial arts program at Dragon Gym each have decades of experience in their specialty. In addition, all of these head instructors are open minded and diversify their martial arts training. In addition to the head instructors’ vast experience, all instructors at the Dragon Gym go through a rigorous evaluation and certification process.
  • Forty Years in the Community. The Dragon Gym is one of the oldest and most well-established martial arts schools in Chester County. Based in the heart of Exton, we have been serving families from nearby towns such as West Chester, Downingtown, and Malvern, PA. We also have a location in Berwyn, PA, proudly serving the residents of Paoli, Devon, and Wayne as well. We pride ourselves on our community involvement and enthusiastically support organizations like the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, the Lord’s Pantry in Downingtown, Philabundance, UNICEF, and the Wounded Warrior Project. We consistently have been voted the best martial arts studio in Chester County.
  • On-Site Physical Therapy. Kinetic Physical Therapy understands the rigors of martial arts, Power Yoga, and Russian Kettlebell training and have established an office at the Dragon Gym to address the specific needs that may arise. The goal is to find the root cause of problems and achieve a long-term solution as well as get you back to your physical training as quickly as possible. Kinetic PT is headquartered in Chester Springs, PA.
  • Fully Equipped, State-of-the-Art Facilities. Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness headquarters facility is truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be beat in the Chester County area. We have over 6,500 square feet of dedicated martial arts training space fully matted with top of the line Dollamur products, a 2,000-square-foot dedicated strength training area with a full compliment of free weights, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and Olympic weights, an 800-square-foot yoga studio, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, and a viewing loft so that parents can view every one of their child’s classes.


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