Children’s Martial Arts


  • Defense Soap for Grapplers and Martial Artists

    As you know, we sanitize the mats and equipment everyday. However, maintaining a clean, safe training environment is also your responsibility.  In addition to always training in a clean Gi (or dobalk, or t-shirt), we use and recommend the Defense Soap line of products for preventing skin infections. Click the link to order these products

  • Mastery by George Leonard

    Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment

  • Foam Roller

    Foam rolling before (and after) classes can provide you with many benefits. Foam rolling can be used to correct postural form and break down muscle adhesions and tightness. 

  • Sparring Gear Order Form

    Use this link to order the sparring package bundle.  This sparring gear is required for students green belt and above in CORE, EXTREME and Adult Tkd.