Kim Mukalian

Kim Mukalian

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When did I first become interested in martial arts?

The Dragon Gym saved my life. I needed to find strength and confidence. I had gotten tired of being fearful and frankly being physically and mentally controlled by people in my past relationships. It was 25 years ago and I looked through the yellow pages (I know right) and there it was Dragon Gym.

I remember my orientation as if it were yesterday. Everyone was warm and welcoming. Grand Master Goh was kind and enthusiastic about my joining. I knew I was in a safe place but maybe then still not aware of what I would become. A strong deserving person that was destined for more, more good things and good people in my life. And I would never let another control me again.

How did I become an instructor and start teaching?

My 3 children and I were all training and while watching them train over the years saw an opportunity to help assist in their classes. That was and still is 6 years later the most fulfilling part of my training. Thank you, Master Somnath, Master Lonnie and Instructor Chris for believing in me!

Now over the course of my training, it was only natural for me to give back to my peers. At 3rd degree, I started assisting Master Somnath in the adult classes and thanks to his guidance have developed the confidence and knowledge of over 100 self-defense to help empower others. Now at 5th degree, I teach a great group of adults and amazing young adults, some of whom were those kids from the kids program (pee wee's we used to call them :)

I get to train with some awesome instructors too, we are united for one purpose to keep the Dragon Gym spirit alive and pass on the knowledge we've learned.

I thank you, parents for the pleasure of teaching your kiddos!

My advice to anyone out there contemplating martial arts is: go for it and never look back. It changed my life and I guarantee in one way or another it will change yours too. Think about it, become strong not only physically but mentally and spiritually. One mind one body. You all need to dedicate time for yourselves where the only thing left at the door is the ego. 

Everyone is equal and every one is unique and what a great place to meet so many different people with one become a better you!

Moo Do!
Kim Mukalian

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