As you know, due to COVID - 19 our lives were turned upside down.  Schools were closes and kids' activities like martial arts were shutdown.  Some of these changes were temporary and some look like they will be lasting for some time.  

This disruption to their daily structure and routine can throw them completely off track and derail the progress they have made.

Because of the virus and to help prevent the spread of it we have taken our award-winning kids' martial arts program online during this pandemic so we can continue to provide the structured, team building, group classes that our parents and students love.

While we've re-opened our studios for in-person classes, you might not be ready for that yet.  You can still keep your child engaged and challenged while they are home with our digital classes, fill out the form below to learn more about our virtual programs.

Or, keep scrolling if you're interested in our in-person classes and would like to know more about us and our children's martial arts programs...