Our instructors understand that children who maintain some sense of a structured activity during the summer, like martial arts, do better in the initial months of the new academic school year.

Martial Arts training through the summer reinforces a time commitment, and necessity to practice, reminds students to follow through, and gives them the learning environment they need to reinforce the skills they’re learning, which in turn strengthens their retention of academic knowledge.

Allow us to elaborate. Summer Camp is the perfect solution to what educators refer to as the “Summer Slide.” Here’s what we know. Skills deteriorate over time at a rate determined by the specified task, predicted by the individual’s original level of learning.

Therefore, the method yielding the highest initial learning level will lead to the highest level of skill retention over time.

As educators, we take great pride in children’s education. But retention is less often mentioned–it’s the man behind the curtain. Without retention of knowledge, where will your child’s education take them in the future?

Why should they learn healthy habits, self-defense, basic algebra, or the names of the presidents if they cannot recall or build upon this knowledge later on? This is what concerns us most, and our goal is to help your child retain what they’re learning–be it on or off the mat–during the summer months to come.

What’s more, is our camps are anything but average. Our Camps are taught by passionate instructors who are experts in child development who can’t help but pass on their enthusiasm for martial arts and express their desire to help children become the best versions of themselves.

Our Camps are taught in an uplifting and safe environment, which we take great pride in keeping impeccably clean. And perhaps best of all--our gym is built upon the strong foundation of a close, family-like sense of community. And the moment your child joins our classes, they (and you!) will feel right at home with this community.



Martial Arts Classes in Exton and Berwyn PA Students Laughing