Alyssa DiNatale, Kettlebell Instructor, RKC

Alyssa DiNatale

Alyssa DiNatale

Kettlebell Instructor, RKC
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  • Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness
  • 267 South Whitford Road Exton, PA 19341
  • (610) 363-7575

As a former middle school special education teacher, Alyssa believes there is no such thing as a client with so many obstacles that they cannot be overcome with a specific plan, consistent efforts, and the support & accountability of a partner.


Alyssa first got started with kettlebell training after attending a workshop at Dragon Gym. A fitness enthusiast since her first triathlon in college, she got swept up in the excitement of this novelty training method, and she hasn't looked back.


After a few years training under the tutelage of Pat Flynn, Alyssa officially become The Intern at Pat's Chronicles of Strength, learning through this informal apprenticeship, as well as veraciously devouring articles, podcasts, and books related to fitness, strength training, and nutrition.


In January 2017, Alyssa launched Dragon Gym's Kettlebell SHRED-- a kettlebell-centered high-intensity strength & conditioning class, focusing on delivering rapid results for getting shredded.


She also writes weekly on the Chronicles of Strength blog, trains clients online via her fitness business (Aly Di Fitness), and manages a fitness blog, Facebook page, & Instagram account under the same name.


Alyssa loves learning about all things "health & fitness"--and, in fact, just became a certified Precision Nutrition coach, as well!


Other than kettlebell training, Alyssa regularly practices yoga, enjoys riding her bike (for transportation & for sport), gardening at home and farming at her dear CSA, cooking, and pursuing off-beat experiences to add interest to her life.


Alyssa says, "Let me help you feel empowered through fitness: learn how to increase your strength, improve your body composition, & dial in your nutrition."


Contact her at [email protected] for SHRED, small-group private kettlebell training, personal training, and nutrition coaching.