Martial Arts Programs for Girls BJJ Taekwondo

One of the many things that we love about the DG program is that the boys and girls are together. All of the girls who are in with my boys are incredibly strong, intelligent, and capable both on and off the mat. It gives both sides the chance to integrate and appreciate the opposite sex without there ever being mention that they are doing so.

Quite often we separate boys and girls not realizing that in doing so we may be implying that one is “better” than the other because of their gender. While on the mat with girls my boys are learning that each person is an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses- not that boys or girls are better just because they are boys or girls.

And because of the social environment at DG the kids really recognize that my boys can be great cooks in the kitchen and a girl can rock their favorite video game- the gender stereotypes seem to be left at the door- who could ask for anything more!

**Shout out to Hazel who regularly inspires my boys to try there best by constantly driving them with her natural strength and force. Our household is bummed that you are moving and will definitely be keeping in touch!**

Fran Munoz