Common Questions About The Martial Arts and Fitness Programs We Offer

It is important to ask questions before starting any kind of martial arts or fitness program. Here, you can read our answers to some of the questions that we are frequently asked about our martial arts schools in Chester County. Children's Martial Arts, Adult's Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Kettlebells, summer camps, yoga, and kickboxing. 
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  • I've heard that martial arts lessons are expensive. How much does it cost?

    This may be a sensitive issue for some martial arts schools, but at Dragon Gym we like to be as clear as possible.  On your first visit to Dragon Gym we will provide you with a price sheet that includes the complete details for all of our membership packages.  There are no hidden costs or fees, everything will be laid out for you.

    However, anything is too expensive if it's not worth it, no matter how low the price tag may be.  If your child isn't getting the value and benefits, that you are looking for, from martial arts classes, then yes...its too expensive.

    It's hard to say what's a good price and what's a good value.  It depends on what a martial arts school is offering in its core program, wrap around services and true benefits to your child. It's important to focus on the value provided through a well-designed children's martial arts program: confidence, self-respect, respect for others, how to set and achieve goals and how to be successful throughout life.   Not to mention fitness and self-defense. 

    These traits are priceless, will serve you child for life and will aid them in developing a strong sense of connection with the community.

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  • Will I be required to sign a contract? Will I be locked into something?

    This is a question that we get every once in a while and it's totally understandable.  Kids can be fickle, they may lose interest in an activity or be inclined to pull back or even quit an activity once they face adversity for the first time.  A goal of martial arts training for children is to teach them how to persevere through adversity. 

    At the Dragon Gym, we don't require you to enter a long term membership, but we do offer some savings when you and your child commit to learning martial arts over the long term.

    You see, we see martial arts for children as a progressive and educational process.  Developing focus, confidence and discipline that lasts takes time.  We strive to set them up with a frame work of goal setting and achievement that helps ensure they thrive and succeed throughout life.  Part of making this happen is our structured curriculum with clear requirements and attainments.  This, in combination with our age-specific programs helps ensure that the kids stay interested and engaged.

  • My son / daughter is involved with sports and many other activities, will he/she have enough time for martial arts lessons?

    The short answer is Yes!

    We have a saying at Dragon Gym: Martial Arts is what you do to get better at everything else that you do.   We offer classes for every age and every belt rank 6 days a week for maximum schedule flexibility during the week.  If your child's sport practice(or other activity) schedule changes, just let us know and we can move you into a class that fits into your child's schedule.

    And, we run the same schedule for all of our classes and programs year round.  So, you don't have to worry about your child's martial arts class schedule changing from season to season.

    In fact, most of our students are multi-talented: musical instruments, involved in scouts, sports, leadership clubs and honor roll all in addition to their martial arts classes.   Many credit the structure and year-round consistency of martial arts for their success.

  • I'm a busy professional, do I have to worry about getting hurt?

    While anything can happen given that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts and contact sport, injuries are minimized by the coaches to avoid dangerous partnering and unsafe situations.   We specialize in teaching beginners and our program is progressive.   Interestingly, martiala arts and BJJ has a much lower longer term injury rates that most common athletic activites. Always do you best to rest and recover, have a healthy diet, and build strength.  

  • I'd like to compete in BJJ, is that something you can help me with?

    Absolutely!  Whether or not you compete is up to you. Some jiu jitsu academies require competition for rank advancement. At the Dragon Gym, BJJ tournaments are strongly encouraged and supported, but they are not required.  Tournaments are a great learning and camaraderie experience. 

  • Do I need to get in shape before taking BJJ classes?

    No, just come and train. No matter how fit you are, everyone is out of shape for BJJ when they start. BJJ uses a variety of movements, that most people, even athletes, never do.  The "mat" really is a great equalizer and we specialize in teaching beginners. 

  • What do I wear for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes?

    For the orientation just wear comfortable clothes. Purchasing a quick start will provide you with a durable martial arts uniform that is mandatory for class, called a gi. 

  • What is BJJ?

    BJJ is the abbreviation for Brazilian jiu-Jitsu. BJJ is a martial art that uses throws, chokes, and submissions. BJJ is known for frequent sparring, its usefulness in self-defense, and its sport competition

  • Where are the Dragon Gym Martial Arts Studios Located?

    Dragon Gym Martial Arts and Fitness HQ facility is in Exton, PA. The address is 267 S. Whitford Rd, Exton PA. We are just minutes away from Downingtown, West Chester and Malvern, PA.  For more information visit our Exton Martial Arts Location Details page here. 

    Dragon Gym Main Line is in Berwyn, PA.  The address is 812 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA.  We are just minutes away from Paoli, Devon and Wayne, PA.  For more information visit our Berwyn Martial Arts Location Details page here


    Actually quite a lot.  Our children’s martial arts program is about 50-50 boys and girls.