Reviews From Our Exton and Berwyn Martial Arts Community

We are proud of the difference that we have made in the lives of the children and adults who are part of Dragon Gym community. Learn how participating in our programs increases confidence, focus, and fitness in our members—all while fostering a sense of community and fun!

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  • Best instructors out there. Have had my son training at dragon gym for years. Has made a great improvement in him as a person as well as skills

    Best instructors out there. Have had my son training at dragon gym for years. Has made a great improvement in him as a person as well as skills

    Ed Goodman
  • Great place to challenge yourself physically and mentally, and in a welcoming environment. You’ll learn a ton and have fun along the way.

    Great place to challenge yourself physically and mentally, and in a welcoming environment. You’ll learn a ton and have fun along the way.    

    Qaasim Ahmed
  • The instructors are amazing, very friendly and helpful

    Dragon Gym is truly a family. You feel welcome from day one, and everyone is happy to help you learn and grow. The instructors are amazing, very friendly and helpful. As someone who didn't really have the drive to focus on fitness, it was great to find a place and people that made me actually want to make that an important part of my life.

    Vic Charles
  • Educational, fun, tough, motivational, calming

    I have been coming to Dragon Gym for just over a year and its been enlightening, educational, fun, tough, motivational, calming..etc. I could go on and on but the most incredible aspect that always comes to mind about this place is commitment. The level of commitment demonstrated day in and day out by Master Som and staff is just amazing. My kids are learning so much as am I and I hope this journey continues well into the future! Many thanks!

    Ken Sliwka
  • I love this gym and highly recommend it to anyone I have the chance to.

    "I love every class I attend.  The instructor is always knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions I may have.  I love this gym and highly recommend it to anyone I have the chance to. " -Geoff Foster. 

    Geoff Foster
  • 8th Grader, martial arts student, and actor shares his journey with Taekwondo and the Importance of Passion

    From Kia's dad, Steven:  Kia Rowell made his 8th grade presentation on the importance of having a Passion, something that you love to do in your life. He shares his journey with Taekwondo here. He mentions trying TKD several years ago at a different gym, and then shares his DG journey. Thank you Chris Taylor, Lonnie Beck, Somnath Sikdar, Kyle McKee, Joey Losito,  Lindsay Bayne, Evan Wiggins, Pablo Camargo, and Jamila Paksima Rowell and all of the DG families for your incredible support and encouragement along the way! Wishing everyone well at tomorrow's tournament too. Go DG! 

    Steven Rowell
  • Why should you start your child in one of our martial arts programs? Let Laura answer that for you :). Brand new DG mom (they joined our family yesterday!) and former teacher Laura tells us several of her wonderful reasons why she loves the DG community, classes, and instructors, and what makes DG the perfect fit for her daughter and "Ninja Princess", Lydia :). Thank you Laura, and welcome to the family!!

    "Hi, my name is Laura. My daughter is three years old, and her name is Lydia. She just started the early skills class here at Dragon Gym. And I can not say how wonderful it has been with her, in three short classes she's worked on focus and discipline. She loves coming here and earning her stripes. Every instructor she has had has been so encouraging. And I think especially at three that's so important to get her interested and motivated. She can't wait to get her uniform on. She can't wait to come to class. She already knows most of the instructors by name. And just really enjoys everything. I am a former teacher, and as a former teacher, I can't stress the importance of focus and discipline, the exact things they work on here at Dragon Gym. I think in terms of the lesson plans that really stand out, I really like the attention to detail. Like if instructor asks something and the response is not with 'yes sir', it's making sure that they say 'yes sir', every time. That consistency is so important, in the classroom. And not only my classroom, but in the Dragon Gym classroom. So that's one thing that I've noticed. The other thing I love the way that the instructors speak to the students, it's on their level, and it's with such encouragement. And, you know, such love that they talk to them. There's always high fives and good jobs. Even if they're not the best at the activity, they always make sure that everyone feels like they've done a good job. I have been recommending this program to my friends and my family because I think outside of school, it's really important for students to have, or young kids to have an outlet. And I think that Dragon Gym encourages such a sense of community. I've seen online the congratulations for the black belts, and there was just a barbecue, and summer camp is running right now. And everyone seems to know each other, and just really create a sense of a family community, along with the skills that they encourage, and the disciplines that they're teaching."

    Laura W., DG Mom & Former Teacher
  • Jamie tells us how DG has worked wonders for her two daughters, and particularly how classes have helped with her youngest's gross motor delay.

    "Hello, I'm Jaime Magnotta. I have two girls, Chloe and Emma. Chloe is in core class, and she started when she was in basic. She wants to be a junior instructor someday, so she loves it. She loves coming to glass. Emma just started about six months ago. She is in the early skills. We started Emma because she actually has something called hypotonia. Basically, it's just low muscle tone. So, she was diagnosed with it when she was nine months old. She has the gross motor delay. She wasn't crawling, doing anything like that. We had decided that it would a good idea for Emma to do [martial arts classes at Dragon Gym] for her balance and agility, and everything that they do during the class is everything that her therapist does for her. I show the therapist videos and everything like that, and she's been so impressed with everything that they do during class with Emma. So, it's actually helped Emma tremendously with her gross motor delay. We love it because it's just so great for the girls. The staff here is awesome. My husband actually does kettlebell classes here as well, so he loves it. I definitely recommend Dragon Gym. I have already actually. It's fantastic for families."

    Jamie M., DG parent
  • "He's better in school, he's more respectful to his teachers, his peers, he's learned to help others, he's learned to talk to others..."

    Rachel S.: I'm Rachel Suplee, and this is Larry Suplee, and we're parents here at Dragon Gym. And the reason why we got [our son] Will started, almost two years ago, was because he needed a little bit of discipline, to learn more respect, and to work better with other kids his own age. He's an only child, and this was a great opportunity for him to learn how to share and wait patiently and listen, and it's worked wonders for him. He's better in school, he's more respectful to his teachers, his peers, he's learned to help others, he's learned to talk to others, he's learned to really respect the older kids, and he wants to be a Junior Instructor one day, and that's his goal now. Larry S.: Really, one of our favorite things about Dragon Gym really is the structure, and really the instructors really make the program with their patience, tolerance, and really meeting all the kids sort of where they are to help them achieve their goals and really working with small goals to help them achieve and really feel as though they are growing.

    Rachel S. & Larry S., DG Parents
  • DG mom, Fran, tells us why she loves DG for her boys, Luis and Hondo.

    I have two boys at DG, currently, [at] Dragon Gym Berwyn. One is seven, one is nine; so they started when they were six and eight. And it started out with my older son who's really gregarious but needs to home it a little bit. He needs a little more focus and a little less pride, and he has found that. He has really become much more humble, not as aggressive. He really sees a whole picture now and I find it, sometimes it's nice, that he can just leave it on the mat. So that's been really great for Luis. But then we also have Hondo who started out at six, really shy. Not anti-social but just shy, quiet. And now, I mean, he puts himself out there like never before and I can see he's actually grown, physically; grown up. He stands taller, he assesses his situation, and he knows he can handle it; whereas before, he was kinda small and meek and timid and now, he's got it and he knows he's got DG behind him. For both boys it's been nice. For me, when it comes down to it, if we have any behavioral issues, anything like that, at school, anywhere else, not even here on the mat, I know I have the support of DG. So if it comes down to it I can say, Luis was rotten to his brother today and the guys will keep an eye on it and kind of see, you know, will kinda keep them separate a little bit, and at the same time not separate them so much that they're making it a vibe. They're kind of gently putting them back together. For me, as mom, that's amazing. And the fact that my two year old can run around here and feel right at home to break down and reassess the waters and everything else, again, as a mom, I always feel welcome here. On my best days, on my worst days, DG has been awesome to us.