At Dragon Gym it all revolves around respectfully challenging each other. A safe place to exercise your Martial Arts abilities. In the children's class you see only smiling faces, while they work off their energy.

Explore Dragon Gym in Exton, PA for kids' martial arts - a safe, fun space for children to learn respect and discipline while staying active.

Dragon Gym presents a unique and invigorating experience for children, centered around the philosophy of respectful challenges and mutual growth in martial arts. Here, the environment is designed to be safe and supportive, allowing children to explore and exercise their martial arts skills without fear. The instructors at Dragon Gym are not only skilled in martial arts but also in nurturing a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

This is evident in the children's classes, where each session is filled with smiling faces, a testament to the enjoyable and engaging nature of the curriculum. As the children participate in various activities, they not only work off their abundant energy but also learn valuable lessons in discipline, self-control, and respect for others.

This combination of physical exercise and character-building makes Dragon Gym a standout choice for parents seeking a holistic approach to their child's development in martial arts.


Harmen Kingma