I could not recommend the Dragon Gym and its expert staff any more highly! Everyone I've been so lucky to meet and/or train with has been fabulous, and they really care about their students. They offer convenient class schedules that work great for my busy schedule. (I train at night, during the week, and on the weekend.) Also, they will teach you THE REAL DEAL, and you will see results. Case in point: Two years ago, I walked into the Dragon Gym for my first Russian kettlebells lesson. I had always heard how fabulous kettlebells were for conditioning and weight loss, and after being at my heaviest point at 162 pounds, 31% BMI, and by "the charts" borderline obese since I'm 5'3," I was sick of myself and ready for a change. I had my first orientation session on 10/26/10 and loved it. I was sore for a week, but I came right back and started in the class for beginners. I kept up with classes, going at least twice per week and slowly adding on more classes as they were available. I trained hard, stayed focused, and started seeing results right away. 

So, six years later, I haven't missed more than a week at the gym. I am generally there 4-5 days a week—3 at minimum. I love it. I have made so many new friends and really "found" myself by training at the Dragon Gym. I've also made major body composition changes. As of last week, I'm now down to 129.6 pounds—the first time the scale has been below 130 since college. I am also now down to 24% BMI and am starting to really see some nice muscular definition. (The 6-pack is starting to peek out!) I also got pretty darn strong, too. And besides all of that, my issues with my knees, wrists, and lower back pain are gone due to increased joint mobility and the muscles I've strengthened training with kettlebells.  

I completely attribute my success to the super encouraging and knowledgeable staff at the Dragon Gym. I am forever thankful and indebted to all of my family at the gym for supporting me along my journey. (And, yes, I do consider them my extended family. I've made so many friends there that I know I will have for life.) This gym has absolutely changed my life. 

I would say that almost all the students at the gym have a similar story as far as seeing results and/or exceeding their training goals, no matter what their discipline—taekwondo, kettlebells, Muay Thai, etc. All of the instructors are great, and even if you don't train with them, they’re all more than willing to answer a question or assist you. It really is a family atmosphere, and I recommend training at the Dragon Gym to anyone who takes health and wellness seriously.


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Kristin Dankanich