This is a question that we get every once in a while and it's totally understandable.  Kids can be fickle, they may lose interest in an activity or be inclined to pull back or even quit an activity once they face adversity for the first time.  A goal of martial arts training for children is to teach them how to persevere through adversity. 

At the Dragon Gym, we don't require you to enter a long term membership, but we do offer some savings when you and your child commit to learning martial arts over the long term.

You see, we see martial arts for children as a progressive and educational process.  Developing focus, confidence and discipline that lasts takes time.  We strive to set them up with a frame work of goal setting and achievement that helps ensure they thrive and succeed throughout life.  Part of making this happen is our structured curriculum with clear requirements and attainments.  This, in combination with our age-specific programs helps ensure that the kids stay interested and engaged.