"Hi, my name is Laura. My daughter is three years old, and her name is Lydia. She just started the early skills class here at Dragon Gym.

And I can not say how wonderful it has been with her, in three short classes she's worked on focus and discipline. She loves coming here and earning her stripes. Every instructor she has had has been so encouraging. And I think especially at three that's so important to get her interested and motivated. She can't wait to get her uniform on. She can't wait to come to class. She already knows most of the instructors by name. And just really enjoys everything.

I am a former teacher, and as a former teacher, I can't stress the importance of focus and discipline, the exact things they work on here at Dragon Gym. I think in terms of the lesson plans that really stand out, I really like the attention to detail. Like if instructor asks something and the response is not with 'yes sir', it's making sure that they say 'yes sir', every time. That consistency is so important, in the classroom. And not only my classroom, but in the Dragon Gym classroom. So that's one thing that I've noticed.

The other thing I love the way that the instructors speak to the students, it's on their level, and it's with such encouragement. And, you know, such love that they talk to them. There's always high fives and good jobs. Even if they're not the best at the activity, they always make sure that everyone feels like they've done a good job.

I have been recommending this program to my friends and my family because I think outside of school, it's really important for students to have, or young kids to have an outlet. And I think that Dragon Gym encourages such a sense of community. I've seen online the congratulations for the black belts, and there was just a barbecue, and summer camp is running right now. And everyone seems to know each other, and just really create a sense of a family community, along with the skills that they encourage, and the disciplines that they're teaching."

Laura W., DG Mom & Former Teacher