Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Martial Arts Programs

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about children’s martial arts programs. Take some time to get more informed on kids martial arts and remember we’re here to help, so feel free to reach out too!

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  • Can we try a class first?

    Yes! We actually start all our students with a one-on-one orientation and pre-evaluation. During the orientation and pre-evaluation, we will show you around school and introduce you to some of the instructors. Most importantly, your child will get to do an orientation and pre-evaluation specific to their age group. This way, we can make sure that your child starts in the right program for their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual stage of development, and feels totally comfortable in the group martial arts class.

    After the orientation, we set up your child for a two-week trial course in our program so that he or she can test-drive the classes and be 100 percent confident that our system is the right fit and will help your child reach personal goals.

  • What style do you teach?

    Our Children’s Martial Arts program is based on the curriculum of three major styles: Tae Kwon Do (sometimes called Korean Karate), kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We’ve studied all of these styles for decades to become more experienced teachers with the goal of developing well-rounded martial arts students.

    Our hope is not only to develop the students physically, but also emotionally, socially, and intellectually so they do well in school and grow to be upstanding members and leaders in the community. 

    Lastly, our program is age-specific. The curriculum is designed to be appropriate for the age of the student so each class is “just right:” not too hard, but also not too easy, which often happens when to many age groups are lumped together.  In this way, the students are challenged and set up for success. Students in our program typically end up in the 90th percentile or higher of their age group.

  • It seems like there's a kids' karate studio in every shopping center. Why should I join the Dragon Gym?

    • Scientifically-proven strategies taught and implemented by qualified experts. The curriculum that drives our classes is built upon a foundation of child psychology. Each class is designed with an intricate knowledge and application of emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development in mind. This isn't just a martial arts program— it's a child development course.
    • One of the biggest pieces of positive feedback we get is about our excellent instructors. The men, women, and children of our community just can't get enough of their passion and enthusiasm. That's because martial arts isn't a hobby or something our instructors just do on the weekends. It's something they believe in—something that's embedded into every area of their lives. All of our instructors are trained for working with children and tailoring lessons to their specific and individual needs. They're motivational, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Have a question about child development? A challenge in behavior at home or school? They've got you covered.
    • The reviews say it all. Our five star reviews across the board from local families really do the work for us. Our programs are driven by referrals and we take pride in knowing that our students and their families have recommended us to the ones they love for more than 40 years, establishing us as a community staple dedicated to helping our students become better versions of themselves.