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So many people entrust their health and fitness largely on cookie cutter programs that they either tear out of magazines or print off from any number of websites.  

While this can be a great step in the right direction (and is certainly better than nothing), it also leaves a lot to be desired.  No matter who you are or what your goals are, you are always better served by a program that is personalized to your individual needs.  

In much the same way as you would seek out the expertise of a skilled and highly trained mechanic when your car breaks down, or the insight of an experienced and results-driven business coach if you were looking to expand and grow your business to better support your family and lifestyle, so too should you seek out the expertise of an experienced, certified personal trainer.

This is for a couple of reasons:

1)      A personal trainer is like a GPS.  A GPS’s job is to accurately determine where you are (point A) and connect it to where you want to go (point B) in the quickest, safest, and most efficient route.  Those two points are always dependent on two things: you, and your current location.  

If you’re relying on a self-made or self-selected map that takes into account someone else’s current location and destination, what good is it?  Put in this simple way, the value is obvious. Yet this is one of the most commonly repeated mistakes made by folks looking to get into better shape.

The amount of time you’ll spend fumbling and wandering around trying to get to your location can often take two, three, maybe even ten times as long as it would have if you had just relied on an accurate navigation system.  

“Pulling over” to ask for directions on what to do in the gym is no sure bet either, seeing as how most others’ answers aren’t going to be based on GPS instructions, but rather a “map” pulled from this month’s latest generic fitness magazine.


2)      Avoid wasting your time & speed toward faster results.  As a rule, humans are terrible judges of what we need – obsessed as we are with what we want.  

Left to our own devices, we tend to gravitate toward the bright and shiny training fads that come and go rather than the tried-and-true, tested and proven methods that qualified personal trainers use to deliver results time and time again.  

It’s like compounding your avoidance of a GPS with a series of schlocky tourist traps along the way.

Since your time your rarest, most jealously protected commodity– one that you have paltry little to waste – the best possible use of it in your workouts is to put them into the hands of an experienced personal trainer who can help you make your time investment in the gym pay seriously big dividends (i.e. results) with the proper exercise selection and workout set up.


3)      Drastically reduces the risk of injury.  If you are following a professionally designed program to a T, you are almost guaranteed results while also mitigating the risk of injury.  

Each element in a personal program is personalized to you and you only, so it’s designed to careen around any physical issues you might currently be dealing with, rather than launching you straight into them and making them worse.

What’s more, a professional personal trainer can also do a diagnostic screen of your body movements and help you move better and with more resilience, giving you a wider margin for error in both your exercise routine and your day-to-day life – so you can stay fearlessly active and keep up with your kids and grandkids – and eventually even give ‘em a run for their money!

In short, personal training – far from being a luxury – is more and more becoming a necessity.

We live in a world that is becoming more and more sedentary while living in bodies that crave more and more movement to stay resilient and healthy. 

Just like you entrust your mechanic, your accountant, and your lawyer to tangle with issues they are trained to handle, so too should you entrust a quality and experienced personal trainer to keep your most prized possession – your body – in peak working order.

Have fun and happy training!


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