I started at dragon gym an year ago to learn Muay Thai from basics with no previous experience.

My experience here have been nothing than amazing and great progress. This place is welcoming and have best coaches, is highly recommended if you wanna learn any martial art offer. In this journey, personal sessions with the coach Sky has been very instrumental and he helped me in working on the details of the art.

He put a personalized program where i can learn, feel challenged and at the same time not overwhelmed. In this last year, I have learned Muaythai and lost around ~30 pounds(No hard dieting) by joining two programs: DGMT and Barbell club where Coach Eric Duong helped me in building muscle mass and losing fat at same time.

Review of Personal Training in Exton, PA

174 Lbs down to 145 Lbs with NO HARD DIETING

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Ashish Bansal