Some of you may not be totally familiar with my background. In addition to the last 28 years learning from Grand Master Goh, my own family has a history in physical fitness.

My grandfather opened a gym (Mahadrudra Viyamagar) in his hometown in 1950. I'll try to dig up some pictures, but it was quite interested. The setup was not too different from our own. Bodybuilding and Weightlifting on the first floor, Yoga studio upstairs and wrestling/martial arts in the back.

My father was a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder in his 20s and I'm happy to see that since turning 70 he has recommitted to his health / fitness and keeping his weight down.

Here's an email from him to me this morning. We hear a lot about intermittent fasting/eating these days. Intermittent exercise is another to consider:

You can squeeze in a few minutes every two hours or three - try these:
9-27 prisoner squats (Hold the back of head with both hands and squat down as low as you can) 
3-12 push-ups
6-15 reverse lunges on each leg
15-60 seconds plank
60 seconds tree pose (on both legs) and then 30 seconds on each leg at a time.

Go, with a smile and tell someone in the office / class / neighborhood how grateful you are for their efforts / friendship / smile / energy / tips / advice, whatever; and make it a habit.

Free Hand: A resistance band in briefcase: A pair of dumbbells laying around: You can do biceps curls, triceps squeezes, squats, shoulder presses and rowing from one standing position: wherever you are: next to your desk: in front of your couch while watching TV.

Get moving - Your health and happiness depend on it.
Get moving! You can add more movement to your everyday life.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Take it a step further and run up the stairs.
Swing your arms – whenever you like and can.

Sleep 7 to 9 hours daily. If you can, take a midday 27-36-45 minute’s siesta.

"100% Focus On Happiness"

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