Five months ago, I joined the Dragon Gym's Adult Taekwondo program. I loved watching my son train and decided I also wanted to be part of this community. I trained in Taekwondo over 25 years ago and have always regretted giving it up. The first few months were tough as my mind thinks I'm in my early 20s, but my body likes to remind me that I'm not! Through this whole process, Master Som Sikdar has been truly amazing. He explains and demonstrates techniques, offers examples for how and why we'd use different techniques, helps us modify movements based upon our physical abilities, and then holds us to higher standards as we progress. He celebrates our wins and helps us work through areas where we struggle. I have recently started training with kettlebells with Master Som and Pat Flynn to improve my strength and endurance, and that has been truly amazing! I'm stronger and more focused now than I was even one month ago. The staff and instructors at Dragon Gym are truly amazing and simply among the best of the best when it comes to providing fitness programs the whole family will love.


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Dina Perrault