Dragon Gym (DG) is unlike any other gym, martial arts, and/or fitness center. There is an amazing variety of classes for adults to join. All fitness and age levels are welcome! Whether you want to get in shape, lose a few or many pounds, study a specific art, or enjoy a combination of all DG has to offer, you will find what you are looking for here. I have only been a member of the DG family for a few months, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the Taekwondo classes. The passion and depth of knowledge of the instructors are rarely seen in similar facilities. They have embraced the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of martial arts and fitness and yearn to share that knowledge with others. Learning is not just limited to the physical component of the art or fitness. Students will have opportunities to attend seminars about a variety of topics. Informative communication is received via email about muscle recovery, stretching, how to motivate yourself, applications of martial arts in your life, and a host of other topics. For the ladies looking for Taekwondo inspiration, Master Kim, a 4th degree black belt, will continually help you discover that your limit is always just a tad bit further than you thought. Overall, there is nothing I could write that would be more valuable than if you just stop by for a visit to verify for yourself all the positive reviews about Dragon Gym—which is exactly how I ended up here.


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Nikki Mace