Exton KettlebellsEvery year, we switch out of our summer routine to a tighter run Fall season and we build in time for ourselves and time to workout and time for dinner and homework and activities and by the time Halloween hits we are utilizing chocolate therapy and pushing fitness off until the new year.  I promise you with a little dedication and some creative measures, it is possible to survive the holiday season without having to buy a larger pair of pants!

In September, just due to the change of season and pace of life, so many of us push ourselves to invest in classes and activities for our health.  Too many times, events, people, family, stress, etc sneak into our lives and we lose that time we built into our schedule for ourselves.  Now (December, not January)) is the time to rekindle your desire for fitness, before your schedule gets busier and the holiday foods get yummier!

Most people that will continue their fitness routines and be mindful of their health through the next few months are those who are currently mindful of their health.  If you are regularly investing in fitness or healthy eating, you may have your cheat days, but you have also proved to yourself that it is not impossible to be consistent, it does fit into your schedule and you value what the benefits are, enough to continue this behavior.  This is a particularly hard time of year for people to start a program, but I promise you will make it to 2020 in better shape, than if you wait.

Kettlebell Training in Exton paTechnically, the “holidays” are actually only a few days! (Someone very wise said this to me once.)  If you view it as such, each day should not be a cheat day, but maybe a handful or so in the next few months.  I am not telling you to miss out on holiday festivities and social outings but keep up with your physical activity daily and your recovery from the more “sugary” days will be much better.  Also, look into lighter options when you have control over the situation.

Finally, keep your body moving!  There are trail walks, snow to play in and of course Dragon Gym!  Spend sometime budgeting your time schedule for at least 5-7 hours per week of fitness activities.  Camaraderie helps keep you on track, instruction helps keep you focused, results help keep you motivated!  Get up and moving now!  Ring in the New Year celebrating your health!

Here are my top 10 tips and tricks for your health:

  • Drink more water
  • Do not waste calories (do not eat it just to eat it!  Know the effect it has on your body)
  • Exercise a minimum of 5-7 hours per week
  • Keep a food journal (cheat days are fine…once in a while)
  • Keep a training log (log every time you workout)
  • Protect your sleep (a million things can get in the way, get to bed at a decent time)
  • Take Vitamin C (Fend off that cold and flu!  When we feel bad we can’t workout and we don’t want to eat healthy)
  • Take Vitamin D (Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that elevates our moods and protects our cells and we do not get enough of it in the winter.  Stay positive and healthy!)
  • Manage Stress (The next few months can be challenging both physically and mental, but also emotionally.  Take time to decompress.  Keep up with the coffee dates with your friends.  Spend time journaling, reading, thinking.  It’s good for the soul!)
  • Walk (Just 20 minutes a day can make a tremendous difference)



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