Strong ON!'s 14 Day Ketobolic Challenge is now open for registration. Kick off is Monday, November 5th, but sign up right away spots are limited!

Here's how it works:

The 14 Day Ketobolic Kettlebell Challenge

You get:

  • Simple, 2-page "Ketobolic Reset" nutrition plan for shredding fat, normalizing energy, and restoring metabolic flexibility. 
  • Full access to Strong ON! at Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness in Exton. Beginning with a private orientation if you're new to kettlebells, you'll get to take classes 7 days a week for 2 weeks. All included!
  • One "ketobolic" workout, every day, for 14 days, designed specifically for speeding along the fat-erasing, muscle-sculpting power of keto. Complete them in our group Strong ON! classes with expert coaching or complete them on your own.
  • Ketobolic shake and recipe guide. 5 shakes, 5 recipes. No measuring or weighing food. Stick to these rubrics, and success will be yours. 
  • Ketobolic supplement suggestions. Make your transition to keto swift and scientific with a few simple nutritional hacks.
  • That's it!

The 14 Day Ketobolic Challenge is everything you need, nothing you don't.

Exactly what to eat.

Exactly when to eat.

Exactly what workouts to do.

Please don't expect any long winded or complicated nonsense. This challenge is simple, straightforward, extremely effective, and NOT for everyone.

Keto is serious business. And this is a serious challenge.

BUT you won't be doing it alone. You'll have coaches and peers along with you for the ride--guiding, encouraging, commiserating, and celebrating with you!

Full price is $147, but act now and save 50!

P.S. When you register, you'll be asked to write out all your excuses. We all have lies we tell ourselves as soon as things get tough, and getting these excuses out of the way now allows us to logically eliminate barriers. You'll soon see how this plan knocks out each one of the obstacles that has ever kept you from success

P.P.S. This Strong ON! member lost 16 on his Ketobolic Kettlebell journey!


StrongON! Head Coach
Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness
Exton, PA