After nearly twenty years of working with children I can say that I believe the most valuable virtue a kid can have is CONFIDENCE.

Now, its not on Aristotle's list of Twelve Virtues but its certainly mixed in there among them.

It's not important WHY you know I believe that but more important you understand what happens when your child's confidence SKYROCKETS.

Here is a list of five things that happen when that occurs.

1. Decisiveness. 

When your child has confidence in their ability they become incredibly decisive in their decisions. No more hemming and hawing when it comes time to decide what to wear, eat or do. Imagine your life.

2. Ability to Make Friends. 

Not only make friends but make the RIGHT ONES. Talking to your peers at a young age is tough but when your child has a level of confidence that is beyond average they are able to pick and choose who they hang around with. More importantly, they are able to remove "friends" that aren't good for them. 

3. Exploration. 

This can be new foods, new experiences, sports and education. When your kids are confident they are willing to try new things because they don't fear what other people think about them. They don't fear "looking silly" if it doesn't work out and they will find something in the process that will fulfill them.

4. Strength to Stand Up For Themselves and Others. 

The number one reason a bully is persistent towards one target is because of that child's inability to "stand up" to the bully. Additionally, the reason people don't stand up for others is because they're afraid of what might happen if they do. When your child is confident in both themselves and their ability to stand strong in the face of a bully they essentially become "Bully Proof" for themselves and others.

5. Happiness. 

Listen, this is the "Chase". It's what we all search for and when your child is confident they make good decisions, surround themselves with positive and trustworthy friends, spend their time on constructive things that fulfill them and that all leads to, you guessed it, HAPPINESS

So, how the heck does this happen? 

How can you, as a parent, help your child's confidence skyrocket?

I have a formula that I truly believe.

Confidence < Competence < Practice

Practice what?

Well, I'm a martial artist, and I'm biased, but I really do believe that every child can benefit from training some form of martial art.

There isn't another activity that can teach your child as much as the martial arts does. 

They will be exposed to pressure in sparring, fear when breaking boards and persistence when learning self-defense all in a controlled and safe environment that pushes them to be their best

They practice.

They reach a level of competence at something.

They become CONFIDENT!

So, what next?

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Master Lonnie Beck

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