Here is your download of our Resiliency Toolkit for Parents:
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If you're interested in our Children's Martial Arts Programs, read on!

All new students start the same way, with a free, no obligation Orientation Lesson.
Then you can test-drive our age-based children's martial arts classes and get a free uniform.  
The test-drive course includes a combination of private and group lessons.  
So, new students can try out the children's martial arts program in a suitable environment.
This program gives us a chance to assess your goals and progress.
But, it also gives you the opportunity to test drive classes and see the facility,
You'll meet the instructors and learn about how our martial arts program can help serve your familial goals.
Give us a call to set up your Orientation lesson.
For Exton: Call 610-363-7575
For Berwyn: Call 610-647-4753
We look forward to working with you!
Somnath Sikdar
President, Dragon Gym
Somnath Sikdar
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Master, 7th Dan Black Belt
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