Another bit of personal security ponderances for you:
Is your house number clearly marked and visible?
In the unfortunate event where you are relying on aid from first responders, they need a way to quickly, while under duress be able to find you. The numbers should be clear, large enough to see from the roadway, and have enough contrast to be seen at night with spillover illumination from headlights on the roadway. If you live off the roadway, you will likely need multiple postings such as on a mailbox as well as the front of the residence.
Yes, we live in an age of GPS, and the majority of first responders in Chester county are equipped with mobile data terminals that provide tons of real time information.
However, first responders are trained to rely on those technologies as a back up to leaning their serving area. Clearly marked house numbers help! By having your residence clearly defined, you could be aiding a first responder in helping you or a neighbor.
This may seem like an oversimplification, redundant, and of minor importance to some, but to others it could mean far, far more.
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