Charlie: I'm Charlie Sliwka, I go to Taekwondo here at Dragon Gym. I really like it. And I'm almost a, I'm not a brown belt yet, but I will be a brown belt. I really like being a brown belt because after that there is red and then black. 

Ken: That was fantastic. My name is Ken Sliwka and... we started coming to Dragon Gym in the Fall 2015. What I love about it is the kids program. I mean I do Jiu Jitsu with instructor Chris Taylor. The kids program is amazing. All the instructors are just, they are so encouraging, so motivating, I can't, you know once-- even after a couple of weeks, I knew the kids were going to love it. It's great for their discipline too, and just their overall confidence. I've seen both of them grow. When Matthew, he just turned eight years old, so he is in a core program. And Charlie isin the... basic program. He started in the early skills. But they both have progressed so well, and so fast. I can't believe it. Traditionally, you know, we did other sports and stuff, but I didn't have this when I was a growing up: a Dojo where you can come and do multiple martial arts. But again, it's all about the people here though. There are a lot of martial arts studios out there, but there is nothing that compares to Dragon Gym. We love it here! Thank you. 

Ken S., DGBJJ Student, & Charlie S., DG Children's Program Student