Martial Arts Classes in Berwyn and Exton

Here is a hydration strategy and some helpful tips to increase your water intake during these hot summer days.  It's especially important on days that you take martial arts class or work out. 

Before Exercise

Drink 16 oz 2 hours before activity

Then 8-16 oz fifteen minutes before exercise

During Exercise

Drink 4-16 oz every 15-20 minutes depending on tolerance


4 oz per 15 minutes = .5 liter per hour

8 oz per 15 minutes = 1 liter per hour

12 oz per 15 minutes = 1.5 liters per hour

16 oz per 15 minutes = 2 liters per hour


500-700 mg sodium per liter of fluid or at least 1 gram per hour during heavy exercise and/or sweating (heat and humidity)

After Exercise

Drink 16-24 oz per pound of body weight lost during exercise.

Consume sodium chloride (salty foods, sports drinks) to speed the rehydration process.

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