When I decided to review Dragon Gym, I wondered what aspect of the gym I should talk about. There were the taekwondo, Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ), yoga, and junior instructor programs for kids; adult taekwondo, BJJ, and kettlebells classes; and other benefits, including personal training, many guest seminars, nutrition counseling, the people, and the impact on our kids and family. DG is not a karate studio. It is so much more. I am so impressed with how much they offer. They are not just focused on the physical—but also the mental. They emphasize that what a person can do is not as important as who he chooses to become. This is witnessed in every class as the instructors encourage other students or pitch in to help without being asked. The same theme continues into the adult programs, where we are constantly pushed to become more physically fit but also to become better than we are—learning how to set goals, how to obtain these goals, and how to support our classmates achieve their goals. I cannot say enough about how much Dragon Gym has done for my family and myself.


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Sandie Grulke