Family Fitness Exton PaNot so long ago, families were spending most of their time going separate directions—off to school and work through the day, and hitting their favorite hobby, gym, or sports practice afterward. COVID-19 changed all that, and with all this togetherness, why not incorporate some fitness activities? We’ve pooled some resources to help you to work out as a fam, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Choose Your Activities

Chances are decent that many of your family members already have some favorite sports and exercise routines. Decide how that will work for you as a group, or if you’ll do a blend of activities together and keep some apart.

●      Yoga is a great choice for all ages.

●      Weight lifting is loaded with benefits.

●      There are even streaming options that are family-oriented.


Create a Great Space

If everyone is going to get bending, stretching, and moving in the same space, it should be set up accordingly. Think about what area of your home will be comfortable for both group and solo activities and how it could be set up.


●      Many families find it ideal to convert a spare bedroom, garage or basement.

●      Even a flex space will work.

●      Don’t overlook the possibility of a backyard gym.


Points of Practicality

You have an idea of what everyone will do, and you have decided where to do it. Now address the fine points of making it happen.


●      Once you decide on an area, decide how you’ll equip it.

●      You can even find eco-friendly gear.

●      Develop a budget to avoid overspending.

●      Price out details; for instance, poured rubber flooring typically costs $16 per square foot.


Day In, Day Out

Let’s face it, there are limitations in a home-based fitness plan. Find ways to make it easy and interesting—especially as restrictions lift.


●      Add fun music.

●      Look for ways to avoid rushing.

●      Switch up strength training for better fitness and variety.

●      Boost variety more with some outdoor silliness.

●      Get farther from home and go for a hike.

●      You can even ride bikes together.


When it comes to family-friendly fitness that is also pandemic-friendly, there really is an amazing variety of options. Make the most of every moment, and stay healthy!

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