Kettlebells and Powerlifting for Weight Loss in Exton, PA

When it comes to a strength, conditioning and fitness program, what are you looking for?  Is it something that's fun AND effective?   Something that's challenging AND proven to be safe?  Something that let's you work at your pace AND will help you push your limits?   Something that includes accountability, support and a great fitness community? 

Then the Strong ON! program at Dragon Gym in Exton may just be what you're looking for. 

With Strong ON! you won't be limited to Kettlebells, powerlifting or bodyweight training.  Rather, you'll be exposed to the best of all of these training modalities and we eliminate what isn't needed. 

It's the perfect blend of generalism and minimalism. 

Here are 5 of the top benefits of kettlebells, powerlifting and Strong ON! our members tell us about: 

  1. The classes and workouts improve their moods.   Mood and happiness might not be something that you think about when you are talking about physical fitness.  However, it's one of the things we hear the most often at Dragon Gym.  Members always feel energized and in a better mood after workouts.  They look forward to getting to the gym and the enhanced attitude carries over to all aspects of their lives. 
  2. The feel like they look better from all angles.  This training method doesn't just work on your "mirror muscles" or just on burning calories with endless cardio.  Metabolic conditioning is a combination of cardiovascular work and strength development.   The unique design of the workouts help ensure that your entire body is toned, trimmed and strengthened in a balance way.  The result?  You look better from all angles AND move better in all angles. 
  3. The extra mobility and flexibility makes a big difference in everyday activities.  The workouts don't just get your strong and lean.  They'll develop your mobility (ability to move well through a range of motion) and flexibility (improve and increase your overall range of motion).  It's one thing to get an effective workout that burns calories and builds muscle, but if you're stiff and sore all the time that's no fun either!  Mobility and Flexibility helps ensure that you enjoy life outside the gym! 
  4. The return of youthfullness.  What are some things that you enjoyed a few years (or more) ago?  The three aforemention benefits create a stack of advantages that will have you looking, moving and feeling much younger than you are!
  5. They enjoy the discipline.  That may sound strange, why would anyone enjoy discipline?  Well, it's what the discipline yields: accountability and results.  Plus you will start breaking down your limitations and boosting your confidence in every day life. 

Exton Kettlebells and Powerlifting

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