Cardio Kickboxing and Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Exton, PADragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness is proud to now offer DGMT Cardio Kickboxing classes in Exton, PA in addition to our Traditional Muay Thai program. With the popularity of Kickboxing classes, the demand for quality Kickboxing conditioning programs has increased.

However, trying to find a safe, progressive program for Cardio Kickboxing training has been difficult for many living in Chester County, PA . I highly recommend training with Kickboxing Instructors Sky Neeld, Riz Khokhar and Sami Rice who all have extensive training in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Kettlebell Conditioning.

The Cardio Kickboxing Classes are one of the most sought after fitness modalities and exercise styles in the world. DGMT Cardio Kickboxing Classes are not to be compared to the common cardio or group exercise class at your local gym in Pennsylvania.

It is a specialized and progressive program that is rejuvenatory, functional and fitness intense. It is safe for the novice to begin their training as well as seasoned veteran since all classes are scalable by experience. “We have a structure unique only to DGMT” says Master Instructor Lonnie Beck. “Our classes are fun and true to traditional style of training and all of our students are progressing exceptionally towards reaching their goals”.

The class is incorporating conditioning, self-discipline, strength work, mobility work, metabolic conditioning (met-con), interactive partner drills and a goal-oriented accountability system.     Please give us a call and find out more about our Cardio-Kickboxing Program and see what our program can do for you!

All of our students get started the same way, with a FREE intro lesson.  Just click below and take a look at our online schedule.  Then, just pick the time-slot that's best for you to get your first workout at DG! 


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