Water is one of the single most important reasons for life to exist on our planet. Just about every living thing needs water to live. Unfortunately for us, water can be very dangerous if it’s not clean or if it’s contaminated. However, clean water is arguably the single best thing you can drink in life. It will keep you hydrated and take care of many ailments. Water consumption has also been known to decrease and slow down the aging process and increase our collective lifespans. Let us see how we can go about drinking water so that we remain hydrated and healthy throughout our lives:

  1. Understand your daily water intake needs

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As a general rule, men need around 3.5 liters of water per day and women around 2.7 liters. However, that is only a general average. Everybody is different and we all have our own setpoints regarding water consumption. If you are an avid sports enthusiast, your water intake will be higher compared to people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes thirst is not the best means of knowing when to drink water. In fact, it is always better to drink a little beyond your satiety levels.

  1. Drink an average of one glass of water every hour while you are at work

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If you follow the global 9 to 5 standard hour workday,  it would be a great idea to start drinking at least one glass of water every hour you are at work. In time, this will add up to 8 hours on a daily basis. You can top up your water supply in the morning and monitor it throughout the day to get the best results.

  1. Set your daily water intake goal

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If you set a daily water intake goal, you will be able to drink a whole lot more water than you used to, ever before. It is very simple really. The mere act of setting your daily water intake goal will automatically help you drink a whole lot more water. Just make sure that it’s a SMART goal. In other words, it is specific as well as measurable. Moreover, it must also be attainable, realistic, and time-bound as well (hence SMART). For example, you may set a goal to drink 12 glasses of water every day. You may initially make do with 8 or 9 but gradually increase it till you achieve your goal.

  1. Keep your favorite water bottle close to you at all times

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Once you have a water bottle literally within arm’s reach every single day, it is an axiomatic assumption that you will continue to drink more water. You can tote your bottle when you go running errands, drop the kids at school, at the office, or even right next to your bedside too. In every case, it will serve as a visual reminder that the water inside the bottle should be inside you. Moreover, it’s always better for the environment to reuse a bottle instead of getting a new one every time.

  1. Set timely reminders

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It is also possible to set reminders so that you will drink more water. You can use an app on your phone for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also use an old-fashioned alarm clock. These days, even smartwatches have taken over these duties and they can help you do the needful. You can set reminders for every 30 minutes to take a few sips. It will be a useful way of reminding you to drink water if you're the forgetful sort.

  1. Install a water filter

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 You should consider installing a cutting-edge water filter system in your house so that you are always able to drink clean and healthy water all the time.

  1. Make water more palpable

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Many people drink sodas and other sugary soft drinks to quench their thirst. This is a very harmful practice and one that can lead to diabetes and obesity. If you find water unpleasant to drink all the time, you might add a pinch of lemon or put it in a cucumber slice or make it more appealing.


If you want to remain healthy, you should consume copious amounts of water every day. Make sure to install a water filter so that you get fresh and clean water to drink, as and when required.

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