Summer break is a fun and essential time for children to take a break from school, create life long friendships and develop their creative spirit.  I'd argue that perhaps summer breaks should be even longer, or that the kids should have longer breaks through the school year.  But, that's another topic.   However, there may be a cost to a child's idyllic summer days. 

This cost is often referred to as the "Summer Slide" or the "Summer Reading Slide".    While the summer months provide time for mental rest and recovery, kids also break from routine.   This break from routine may also mean less reading time.  

Here are 5 ways to help prevent the summer reading slide: 

1. Make Reading Time fun and quick.  Frequency is more important that quantity.

2. Visit local libraries and book stores.  They'll enjoy the excursion of a fresh destination.

3. Enact a "Turn it off Tuesday".  Have a screen free night every week. 

4. Give fun books as gifts / rewards.

5. Read together.  (We all know this won't last forever, make the time to make it happen)

Kids Martial Arts Can Help Prevent the Summer Reading Slide

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