Rachel S.: I'm Rachel Suplee, and this is Larry Suplee, and we're parents here at Dragon Gym. And the reason why we got [our son] Will started, almost two years ago, was because he needed a little bit of discipline, to learn more respect, and to work better with other kids his own age. He's an only child, and this was a great opportunity for him to learn how to share and wait patiently and listen, and it's worked wonders for him. He's better in school, he's more respectful to his teachers, his peers, he's learned to help others, he's learned to talk to others, he's learned to really respect the older kids, and he wants to be a Junior Instructor one day, and that's his goal now.

Larry S.: Really, one of our favorite things about Dragon Gym really is the structure, and really the instructors really make the program with their patience, tolerance, and really meeting all the kids sort of where they are to help them achieve their goals and really working with small goals to help them achieve and really feel as though they are growing.

Rachel S. & Larry S., DG Parents