Martial Arts and Fitness Classes in Exton Pa

Do you often see this pairing?

"Health and fitness"

The two are combined so often, that I think they can be thought of as the same thing.

They are related, but not the same.

"Fitness" is your ability to complete a task

"Health" is how your organs function and work together.

For example a measure of fitness would be your ability to run a mile in a satisfactory time.  Conversely, your health would describe how well your heart, lungs are other systems are working.

Getting fitter AND healthier almost always comes down to the basics.

Here are some simple suggestions for everyone, whether your are an absolute beginner or a seasoned warrior.


Would you believe that I've had students for over 25 years? It's hard for me to believe sometimes.  These students are some of the healthiest and fitness I have.

Most are in their 50s, some are in their 70s, but when you saw them you would probably guess them to be 15-20 years younger than they actually are.

Many of them are 5th Dan black belts in Tae Kwon Do

The key to their success?


They don't "surge", they don't peak and valley.  Over the years, the decades, they've been consistent.

Getting to the Dragon Gym 2-3 times a week has been a priority for them.

When they set a goal, they stick to the goal.

When I put a plan in place for them, they trust the process and follow the plan.

So many people have the potential, but they never reach it?  Why not?  They have the knowledge, they have the program, they have access to coaches, they have the time.

Yet, they still fail?  --> no follow through.  They don't stick with it.


I don't mean set bigger goals.  While having a BHAG can be quite compelling and motivating it's not what I'm talking about right now.

What I'm saying is don't settle for your own self-doubt.  You can do more and do better.  Don't settle for any less.

Raise your expectations of yourself.

Yes, hitting the gym twice a week for 30-45 minutes is good enough.  But, you are better than "good enough"

Are you making it to the gym twice a week?  Good.  Add in a third day.

Can't make it to the gym a third day?  Fine.  Do something at home.  Add in a calisthenics or stretching routine.  Start walking or jogging.

You can do more.  Never settle, the best is yet to come.


No one is an island.  Take a dose of humility and remember that you can't, and shouldn't, go it alone.  They are many coaches, instructors and other "pluses" out there that can mentor you.

But, don't just look for pluses.  Also, make connections with some peers.  Create a camaraderie and accountability system with them.   

Every time you're going to the gym, let them know.

If you're there and don't see them, let them know.

If for some reason you can't make it, let them know.

Finally, find some minuses.  One of the best ways to stay motivated as well as improve yourself is to mentor others.  Find a new student and trainee and help them succeed.  Try to remember what it was like to beginner and coach them through those early obstacles.


Quantity matters, expectations matter and connections matter, but so does quality.

Improving and optimizing WILL yield you more and better results.

Can you improve your boxing or kicking techniques?

Can you fix some flaws in your guard passing game?

Can you switch up your exercise selection in order to better match your goals?

These are all ways that you can improve your health and fitness.

What are some strategies that you've used in the past (either for yourself or others) to take your game to the next level?


Somnath Sikdar
President, Dragon Gym

"Be The Coffee."

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