I too was a parent who sat up in the balcony watching my daughter train for almost a year when my husband signed me up for TKD classes. Putting on that white uniform and stepping on to those mats for the first time, yep, I was a ball of nerves mixed with a ton of excitement...and since that first class, I have never looked back.

We have made some amazing friendships that have turned in to being part of an amazing family. Dragon Gym has done so much for both myself and my daughter in helping us to lead healthier lives, build a higher level of self confidence, create goals and strive to achieve them, and to become a better person. It has also given myself and my daughter a much stronger bond through our training together.

Was I intimidated, absolutely, this was something that was so out of my comfort zone...was I worried about not being able to do it, you bet I was,...was I even afraid that people might laugh at me, yes ....but after the most amazing welcome in my first class, receiving all the encouragement and support from everyone on those mats and truly finding out what Dragon Gym is all about, those fears faded away.

I've been training for over a year now and the support and encouragement from everyone on the mats today is still as strong as it was that very first day. I am so grateful to have this amazing Dragon Gym family in my life and I encourage everyone to take that next step and join us on the mats!

Family Martial Arts Classes Downingtown Pa

Debbie Felker