Martial Arts are Better Than Team Sports

Just read a great article from our friend Ricardo Almeida.  He is one of the top BJJ professors in the country.  If you are in the  Robbinsville, NJ area and interested in Jiu Jitsu, you should really check out his school.

In the article he talks about the 12 reasons why martial arts are better for kids than team sports and I couldn’t agree more.  Personally, I participated (and excelled) in team sports as well as martial arts (competitive and non-competitive) during my youth.  Additionally, I’ve observed hundreds (if not more) kids share the same experience of combining team sport activities and martial arts training.

The benefits a child gets from martial arts training last a life time.

Here are the great points that Professor Almeida makes:

(I strongly suggest you read the whole thing here:

1. Self-Defense

Martial arts teach you the techniques to defend yourself, but also the way to think about defending yourself – anticipate and avoid potential dangers.

2. Self-Confidence

As children become more proficient in their selected style of martial arts, their confidence gets a big-boost.

3. Belts and Ranking

Martial Arts ranking system helps teach children to set goals and achieve them, to persevere and prioritize.

4. Discipline

All of this teaches children to respect one another, their opponents and colleagues, and how to play games fair and square – lessons that follow them in their non-Martial Arts lives. It also teaches them to commit, to go to practice even when they don’t feel like it.

5.  Individual Achievement: *** Noone sits on the Bench ***

[I]f want your child’s full potential to be nurtured through years of disciplined and diligent training look for a martial art school who offers a serious program

6. Gender Equality

However the martial arts are one of the few sports where both boys and girls can play together.

7. Weight Control

Childhood obesity is a global epidemic and rising trends in overweight and obesity are apparent in both developed and developing countries (CDC stats).

8. You can do it with them

If you have the proper space for it, you can practice with each other at home, and learn from one another.

9. The Never-Ending Season

In Martial Arts we have classes year round. This consistency and availability also helps build upon discipline, and allows children to progress at a much quicker pace in the Martial Arts than in Team Sports.

10. Jiu Jitsu isn’t about brute force, it is about control

That technique  and mental toughness should be pursued above all physical attributes.

11. Athletic Development

Many world class professional athletes such as  NFL players take up Martial Arts in order to improve their game skills.

12. Jiu Jitsu is Global

If you’re looking for a Kids Martial Arts program that includes both Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, consider the Dragon Gym.  We have an exclusive age-specific approach that helps ensure that your child attains the goals you are looking for.

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