"Hello, I'm Jaime Magnotta. I have two girls, Chloe and Emma. Chloe is in core class, and she started when she was in basic. She wants to be a junior instructor someday, so she loves it. She loves coming to glass. Emma just started about six months ago. She is in the early skills.

We started Emma because she actually has something called hypotonia. Basically, it's just low muscle tone. So, she was diagnosed with it when she was nine months old. She has the gross motor delay. She wasn't crawling, doing anything like that. We had decided that it would a good idea for Emma to do [martial arts classes at Dragon Gym] for her balance and agility, and everything that they do during the class is everything that her therapist does for her. I show the therapist videos and everything like that, and she's been so impressed with everything that they do during class with Emma. So, it's actually helped Emma tremendously with her gross motor delay.

We love it because it's just so great for the girls. The staff here is awesome. My husband actually does kettlebell classes here as well, so he loves it. I definitely recommend Dragon Gym. I have already actually. It's fantastic for families."