Part 1 Outline:

  1. Introduction

    • Importance of children understanding self-defense techniques.
    • The peace of mind for parents knowing their child can protect themselves.
  2. Awareness

    • Emphasis on children's unique perspective due to their height.
    • Three key indicators of potential threats:
      • Proximity
      • Staring
      • Following
  3. Trusting Instincts

    • Recognizing children's sharp memory and instincts.
    • Encouraging children to trust their gut feelings.
    • Importance of communicating any concerns to trusted adults.
  4. Personal Space

    • Establishing a "bubble" or perimeter around oneself.
    • Teaching children to communicate when someone is too close.
  5. Vocal Defense

    • The value of shouting loudly in dangerous situations.
    • Balancing teaching children about "inside voices" with the need to be loud in emergencies.

Key Points & Takeaways:

  • Self-defense is crucial for children in today's world.
  • Children have a unique perspective due to their height, but can still identify threats using certain indicators.
  • Trusting their instincts is vital; children often notice things adults might miss.
  • Maintaining personal space is essential for safety.
  • In certain situations, being loud can be a child's best defense mechanism.

Action Items for the Parents and Children:

  1. Discuss with your child the importance of self-defense and awareness.
  2. Practice the three key indicators of potential threats with your child.
  3. Encourage open communication; let your child know they can always come to you with concerns.
  4. Establish the "bubble" concept with your child to help them understand personal space.
  5. Run vocal defense drills where your child practices shouting loudly in simulated emergency situations.


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