2019 Kids Martial Arts Back to School Special:

Dear Parent, 

The new school year is quickly upon us! 

Help make this year one of your child's best, with our Age-Appropriate Martial Arts Programs. 

For our Pre Back to School Special, our 2-Week Quick Start to Confidence Course is Just $29!

Our 2-Week Quick Start Confidence course teaches your child to:

  • Be more focused
  • Develop personal Confidence
  • Cultivate Respect for themselves & others
  • Use a Goal Setting Framework for Success

During the course, they'll discover:

  • An agile mindset
  • Courage to face the unknown
  • Perseverance when something gets difficult
  • Focus and attention to the task at hand 

Remember, this sale ends on 9/30/2019. 

Don't Delay!