Exton Muay Thai

Discover the most powerful
striking art on the planet -
while getting in INCREDIBLE
shape, and having a blast.

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes have three parts:
  1. Teaching you the unstoppable striking techniques of Thailand.
  2. Getting you fitter, leaner, and stronger from head to toe.
  3. Having a TON of fun.

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Muay Thai: It's more than punches & kicks.
It's knees and elbows, too.

Muay Thai is known for its efficiency. That's because you're not limited to your hands and feet like traditional kickboxing.

Your ENTIRE body becomes a unified, powerful weapon.

That's why it's considered the most efficient, effective striking art on the planet. You'll become its master in each and every class.

Get in seriously awesome shape,
from head to toe.

You'll get leaner, stronger, more powerful, and more explosive from head to toe. Muay Thai works your ENTIRE body.

You'll form muscles where you didn't even know you could - and enhance all the others.

Your muscles will become more defined, and more sculpted. Your energy will greatly increase. Overall, you'll just feel "better."

Amazing for self-defense... competing...
or just one heck of an exciting,
action-packed workout.

Whether your goal is to learn how to defend yourself, compete in tournaments, or just have a ridiculously FUN & exciting workout...

We've got you covered.

Self-defense is a part of every class. In fact, after just a few classes you'll already feel safer and more equipped to handle life.

Our classes contain people who have all three of those goals. So whatever your goals are - we can help you get there.

Beginners warmly welcomed.
So are total pros.

Even if you've never thrown a punch or a kick in your life, you'll fit right in from day one. Many of our members have NO prior experience in martial arts before training with us.

That means you're in a group of people who know what it's like to be a beginner - and they'll do everything they can to support you.

On the other hand, if you're a seasoned vet, we'll challenge you to grow, learn new things, and push yourself beyond your current capabilities. Everyone wins here. So will you.

Become part of our friendly,
welcoming, amazing community.

Even though Muay Thai is probably the "toughest" martial art on the planet - our community here couldn't be kinder or more supportive.

Your instructors only have your best interest at heart. They'll motivate you and push you to surpass your limits.

And your fellow classmates feel the same way. They'll support you and encourage you through it all - as you will with them.

We're a tight-knit family here. So even though Muay Thai seems like it's just for "tough guys" - don't worry. Our community here is diverse and accepting of all.

So fun it's addicting.

I guarantee nothing in your life is as exciting or action-packed as Muay Thai. Once you start, the fun, excitement, accomplishment, friendship, and everything else becomes addicting.

But this is a great habit to get hooked on. It gets you fitter, happier, and stronger - while having tons of fun.

What more could you ask for?