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It's the new year, and like most folks, you're probably setting some resolutions and new goals for 2020.

But, every year comes and goes.  What's different about this year?

Do you really have new goals for 2020?  Or, are they just the same goals from 2019 that you didn't complete?

Did you procrastinate?

Did you say to yourself:

  • Just one more day?
  • There's plenty of time for that?
  • I'll start tomorrow?

This will keep happening until you face the reasons for procrastination.

In my experience, everyone procrastinates for at least one of 3 reasons.

  1. They use self-imposed deadlines.  Self-discipline is great, but there's a problem with internal deadlines.  If you made them, then you can break them.  A deadline is more effective if it's external.  You might create the deadline, but have someone or something else hold you accountable makes a critical difference
  2. They rely on self-control.  Again, this comes down to the shortcomings of self-discipline.  "Discipline fatigue" is a real thing and it wears us down.  This leads to bad choices and yes, procrastination.
  3. They are insecure. This is the most common reason.  And, it's the least recognized.  Folks procrastinate, the don't "finish", because finishing means YOU have to own the result.  If you fail or miss your mark, it's your shortcoming and most people don't want to face that.


But, there is an answer.

There is a community, a family, that will keep you accountable and on track.  They'll keep you moving on your plan of action in the right direction.  And, the coaches have the knowledge to give you an intelligent approach to reaching your goals.

That community is Dragon Gym.

Normal people, just like YOU, are smashing their goals here. Isn't it time that you get started too?

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Our members at Dragon Gym are:

🔥Losing weight.

🔥Feeling amazing.

🔥Building their confidence

🔥Discovering skills that will last a lifetime.

You belong here in our family, so stop thinking that you can't and start believing that you CAN!

You are NOT too old.❌

You are NOT too out of shape.❌

& You DO have the time!✔️

Time to make you and your family a priority.

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