3 Things to teach your child if they get lost3 Simple Rules for your Child: 

One- Stay Put! 

They may get "more lost" trying to find you and shouldn't leave with a stranger.  This will help reduce the time and distance of their separation from you.

Two - Call your REAL name.

Calling "Mommy" or "Daddy" makes it hard to distinguish your child's voice.  Have them learn both parents' first and last names.

Three - Ask another Mom for Help

Statistically, a mother with children is the safest bet for your kids.  Younger kids especially might not be able to differentiate between dark clothes and an authority figure like a police officer.  Single men might also be reluctant to help due to fear of suspicion. 

Talk About Safety in Everyday Situations

- We give kids positive, empowering rules for physically safe behavior, rather than pointing out all the things that could hurt them.  You should do the same with personal safety

- We have to keep our fears in perspective and talk to our kids calmly about how to keep safe

- Try to talk to your children in small frequent bits, especially during teachable moments, for example, when you're at the mall and it's very crowded, ask your 3 year old what she would do if the two of you were spearated. 


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