Guest post from recent 3rd Degree Taekwondo Black Belt Darsh Savalia

Taekwondo Classes in West Chester PATo me, the phrase ‘Black Belt’ comes with a few distinguishable meanings. The first is responsibility. With a Black Belt comes a tremendous amount of power and skill.

This strength must only be used in the right manner at the right moment. It also includes getting to class on time and establishing a good example for younger students.

Black Belt also means respect. Just as I am given respect for my rank in Taekwondo, I must also provide the same respect back to my teachers, instructors, and masters, as well as to the martial arts form.

Integrity also makes up and defines a considerable portion of the term ‘Black Belt‘

Taekwondo West Chester PAAmerican researcher, Brené Brown, states, "Choosing courage over comfort: choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them,” is what defines integrity.

This description also seems to perfectly fit my definition of ‘Black Belt’ because possessing a Black Belt is about doing what is immaculately right.

You are now viewed as a leader. How will you behave knowing that younger Tae Kwon Do students look up to you?

Considering that younger students are looking up to me as a Black Belt and as a more mature individual, I know that I will have to keep my behavior at its utmost level in order to set a good example for those observing.

West Chester Tae Kwon DoTo achieve this I must continue what I have already been doing, and learn new skills in order to set an excellent example. One of the things that I must keep up with is silently waiting in the back of the gym for my class to start whilst younger kids’ classes are in progress. This sets a high standard to achieve for those coming up to Black Belt ranks, and it teaches younger students the correct etiquette.

Another example of this is maintaining civilized behavior during class. When my class is in progress, there are many times at which younger kids from the previous class are watching from above on the second floor. Maintaining discipline during class sets an example for younger kids on how to behave during their own classes. So, I must remain at my utmost behavior, even when no one is watching, in order to set a good example for younger students looking up to me.






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