2013 Sept. 180Lbs 36"waist. 5'7"

At this point in my life (Age 48) & with the advice of the Doc I decided to loose weight on my own.

As a Business owner I worked irregular hours ate & drank what ever I wanted. I worked all the time and had no hobbies, as who has time for them. I decided to loose some weight using MY Fitness Pal & doing some irregular exercise (just cardio). I got down 165lbs. 33" Waist,

However that did not last, more irregular work hours and a lack of focus on my self I was soon found myself getting back into those old suits.  

By 2015 Feb, I was back up 175lbs & by April up another 4lbs to 179lbs. Not good.

In October 2015, Master Somnath Sikdar with the Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness, Exton, who was also attending David Frees's Mastermind group in Phoenix AZ., asked me to look into Tae Kwon Do. I told him I did not have time for that. I'm busy & have to much work to do.

All I knew was I had to change something as what I had been doing up to now was not working. So I went to check out the Gym. He ask that I make a small commitment of working out 2 a week for 1-hr at the gym, except for when I was traveling for work or on vacation. I agreed. I had no other plans that that. Train twice a week.

Wow. I look back now and wonder why it took me so long to see that I was on the wrong path. Since joining the gym, I have found myself more focused at work, I get things done faster and I feel Great & Happier at home and with myself.

I am currently a 30" waist 159lbs. and who would have known, that my small commitment of training 2 times a week, is just a portion of my workout schedule now. I have completed a version of Tyson Franklin's 365 Day Mental & Physical Challenge (Workout 1Hr a day for 365 days) & I find my self a TKD Black Belt plus my personal best for a dead lift is 356lbs. Not bad for a "over weight, over worked, stressed out business owner with no time."

Brian Slater 53


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