The coronavirus pandemic distorted the way of life everywhere in the world and so many measures were taken to curb the menace. People were forced to do most of their daily out-of-the-home activities like school lectures and office activities in their homes. Things are a bit calm now but many schools and organizations have come to learn that virtual work meetings or learning can still make objectives fulfilled and so, this new style is still in vogue, albeit not everywhere. One problem though is that some students have totally forgotten about other things that matter to good health and have gotten addicted to their computers at home. I want to address this and give some guides to staying healthy while learning virtually from home.


Obey the guides for good health from the online resources


Most instructors who design e-learning programs tend to take their hands off their students’ social, mental, and physical well-being which can have severe impacts on them. Students who take these courses virtually adopt some behavioral patterns during the learning that could lead to negative health issues. Isolation can lead to anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that students who spend too much time on electronic devices experience difficulties focusing on other things. This could lead to social isolation and ultimately cause the student to have decreased academic achievement and mental illnesses.


Students can make the most use of online resources and still stay healthy if the online platform is able to guide them. There are some online platforms that require you to take some minutes to exercise your body before continuing another module. The next module may not even be available to you until after some hours or days. This would ensure that there is time to rest and move around or go visit your friends. For example, Nursing students usually come across Osmosis guideswhen learning from the online resources. This helps them to have better mental wellbeing while getting the best off the online resource. All they need is to just follow the guides.


Be mindful of your posture


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Not all online resources will give you guides to stay healthy while going through their modules. You may just have to be mindful of how you are faring generally and take measures to make yourself feel better if you notice any discomfort. One of the ways to watch over yourself is by keeping a great posture. Having a comfortable study place is where to start from. Then you have to discourage slumping by making sure that your desks, chairs, and monitors are at a suitable height. You can also use ball chairs for those who enjoy learning with some movements. Make sure you are using an ergonomic chair so that it can help you sit comfortably.



Take time out to exercise


Taking occasional breaks in between study periods to exercise your body is a very good way to stay active and healthy. Exercising helps the body in so many ways. Apart from the fact that it helps you stay active, it is also an activity that helps your mental well-being stay healthy. There are simple exercise routines you can adopt to help you refresh your brain and stretch out your tired muscles. You can try rope skipping, ride your bike, do some press ups, or perform some other physical activities that can help you cool off in preparation for your next module. Practice some easy ways to remind yourself to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. All you need is to feel refreshed and then continue your learning.


Maintain your usual personal hygiene


One of the disadvantages of virtual learning at home is the disregard for personal hygiene by the students. Studies have shown that most students that do at-home learning practically jump from bed and hit the laptop straight away. Some of them may not even remember to take a bath or brush their teeth for hours. This poor personal hygiene can cause a lot of ill-health. It doesn’t take much to take a shower and brush your teeth immediately after getting off your bed. It is a matter of discipline. You need to know that if you get ill because of poor hygiene, you won’t be able to continue your virtual learning until you are fine. So, set time aside every morning to clean yourself up.


Take your sleeping seriously


Sleep is very important to the body as the brain comes back feeling active after a good, deep rest. It is very important if you wish to stay healthy and active. Having a good sleep helps you focus and assimilate better when you wake. Some students may fall asleep on a regular basis at night but have trouble staying asleep because of anxiety and loneliness. In this case, napping during the day will really help the person sleep longer and deeper. Not having enough sleep will make your body system tired and your brain unable to take in new things. This can lead to frustration and depression if you keep reading for hours and not learn a single thing. The solution is simple, Sleep.


Final word


There are many ways to keep moving and stay active when learning from home. These tips can help and you can even find more options to keep being active online. One thing though is that you need to be disciplined and not procrastinate anything related to staying healthy. A healthy person will learn better and faster. Henceforth, take time out of your study hours at home to take care of you.


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