Dear Parent,

You know how difficult remote learning can be when you are at home full time.  Now, schools are going "online", but parents have returned to more regular work-schedules the challenges have grown exponentially.  

Supervision, socialization, and learning quality are immense concerns for all parents moving forward.

This program offers you a structured plan to improve your child’s health, self-esteem, behavior, confidence, self-discipline, and overall well-being.

Worry no more—your child can be enrolled in a safe, structured, top-quality school-day program at The Dragon Gym!

At our Dragon Gym School-Day Camp and Learning Center your child will also stay physically active and get the opportunity to learn important martial arts and self-defense skills!

Here’s what you can expect:

-        Supervised "Synchronous" Sessions to make sure that students are focused and paying attention to the teacher
-        Monitored "Asynchronous" Sessions to ensure that students are avoiding distractions completing required tasks
-        Help with getting set up and logging in at appropriate times.
-        Physically Distant Workspaces
-        Dedicated Study / Homework Times throughout the day
-        1-2 "PE" sessions per day.  Martial Arts, Fitness, or both!
-        Time for physical play – dodgeball, basketball, other physical games that are crucial for kids to burn off energy, decompress and de-stress

Spots are limited.  Contact us today!

Here's the link to download the Program Application










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