Kids Karate Martial Arts Classes Exton, PA and Berwyn PA - Pablo CamargoHey there, a lot of people ask me what our Kids' Martial Arts program is all about.  

Well, here's a quick list that I put together that shows our children's martial arts program is a lot more than just kicking and punching:

  • Children learn to be Confident and have the attitude of "Yes I Can".
  • They learn to be Disciplined, not only because they need to be Disciplined to grow better in life, but to be Disciplined enough to say "NO" to drugs when they are ever offered.
  • They learn to be Physically and Mentally ready against any would be assailant.
  • They strengthen their minds to do better in school and in their future career.
  • We use martial arts to teach them how positive life can be, if they learn to Think Positively.
  • The children have Fun as they learn the Martial Arts, "The Opportunity of a Life Time". We also monitor their progress in school by checking in with their teachers when they get tested for a belt.
  • We pinpoint specific Goals for each student. We are talking about Short Term Goals (maybe for that day or that week), Intermediate Goals (a few weeks at a time or a specific belt level) and Long Term Goals (becoming a Black Belt Role Model). 
  • We incorporate the Goals to a child's behavior; be it Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, or Physical. 


The children who reach a Black Belt level in our program are people with Integrity, 

Self-Discipline, and Confidence. They have Leadership Qualities and last but not least they become a Champion in Life. 




PS.  You can test drive our kids martial arts program with our 2-week trial course.  


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